LawDocsXpress has many satisfied clients who are pleased to share their experiences resulting in both high quality legal support work and improved financial results.

“After 18 years at a large traditional law firm, I set out to design a totally new kind of firm from the ground up. At Raymond & Bennett, we wanted to see if we could outsource all of our word processing so we could save our clients money and improve turn around time on projects. LawDocsXpress has been a key part of our lean law firm design. I highly recommend this company based on years of proven performance in a demanding litigation environment.”

Bruce Raymod, Partner

Raymond & Bennett LLP

“After a long and specific RFP process, we chose LawDocsXpress for a number of reasons - including their commitment to service, their experience and their patent-pending conflicts checks process. We found that their service compliments ours.”

Slyvia Stephens, Regional Business Manager

Holland & Knight LLP

“We selected LawDocsXpress because of their high quality service, proven track record at handling word processing for large firms, and patent-pending conflicts-checks process.”

Lenita McFeron,

Office Administrator-Orlando, GrayRobinson PA

“LawDocsXpress uses an innovative approach to check conflicts and match staff to attorneys. I have personally recommended their services to other law firms.”

Chris Stouder, Managing Partner

Haight, Brown & Bonesteel LLP

“LawDocsXpress has enabled us to normalize workloads in areas where we have had specific needs as well as improve our overall support staff efficiency.”

Jasmine Young, Executive Director

Murchison & Cumming LLP